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Tonia and Mike Stephens have built their dream house – and family life – by going into business together

Right after she turned 40, Tonia Stephens had trouble sleeping soundly at night for nearly two years. “It got so bad that I was reading a novel a week in the middle of the night,” she says.

Then, in  2014, the active fitness instructor and dietician learned about the THRIVE Experience from a friend. “The deciding factor for me was a story on Le-Vel’s Facebook fan page: A woman wrote how her sleep improved when she started THRIVING,” Stephens says.

On Day 3 of her own THRIVE Experience, Stephens woke up in the same position in which she fell asleep the night before. By the third week, she felt like a younger version of herself. “I was teaching fitness classes and not feeling sore anymore,” she says. “My three sons had a more joyful mom.”

I started living my best life when I stopped focusing on my own.
When you help others, you’re happier.”

A month after Stephens became a Promoter, her husband, Mike, did the same while working a corporate job. He retired a year later, as both husband and wife became 200K Promoters. “Le-Vel has set us up as a family to be successful,” Tonia says. “Financially, we always had a good income, but every paycheck mattered. Now I can buy exactly what my kids need.”

Twenty years ago, the couple bought 40 acres in small-town Plainview, MN. At first, they lived in a 1,200-square-foot temporary home while they built their dream home. “We moved in 13 years ago when our youngest son was born, but never finished the upstairs,” Tonia says. 

However, a year after becoming Promoters, Tonia and Mike finished the upstairs, doubling their living space to 4,500 square feet. “I have such pride in my home, since I love to entertain,” says Tonia, who’s thrilled they could also build on two decks, add a fire pit and take on extensive landscaping projects. “We were able to finish off our dream home so much faster.”

And from yearly vacations hunting antelope in nearby Wyoming, the family took their trips to the next level. “We’re able to do big trips more often,” Tonia says. Big trips include a week in Puerto Rico, hunting in Argentina, cruises around the Caribbean and even a surprise 20th-anniversary trip to Italy.

And Tonia, who admits she wasn’t that “graceful at self-care” prior to THRIVING, now makes that a big part of her life. From reading self-improvement books like Girl, Wash Your Face, by Rachel Hollis, to getting monthly massages and working out, she achieves balance by making herself a priority. 

“Life is so different now and I love it,” Tonia says. “And my kids, who are 17, 16 and 13, get to grow up with an entrepreneurial spirit.” The plus is that “no one else is raising them.”

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