Feeling Great

Yes, Affirmations Really Do Work

Flip negative self-talk on its head

Lots of us live with a nagging voice in our head that whispers mean little nothings: You’ll never finish that 5K race. You can’t launch your own business. You’ll never go on your dream vacation to Hawaii.

Your brain believes what you tell it, so if you say you’re no good at making money, guess what? You won’t take the leap to launch your own business. You won’t ask for that promotion. You won’t search for a higher-paying job you love. By replaying negative self-talk in your mind, you’re giving yourself permission not to make an effort generating more income for yourself and your family.

“There’s truth to the concept that we are what we think,” says Jane Scudder, an Illinois-based personal development coach and speaker. “For a mindfulness or manifestation skeptic, the idea can be pivoted: Wouldn’t you like to spend more time with the voices in your head that are saying positive things vs. the negative ones?”

Here are four easy steps to using affirmations to reach your goals, whether you want to feel more confident, make more money or scale Mount Everest.

1 Identify the negative self-talk that really holds you back.

Do you say any of these things on a regular basis? “I can’t do it.” “I’ll never follow through.” “I’m no good at making money.” “People won’t like me.” “I need to be perfect.” “I just can’t change.” Your first step: Identify the self-sabotaging statements you’re telling yourself frequently and write them down.

2 Turn negative statements positive.

Flip negative self-talk on its head. Instead of saying, “I’m no good at making money,” say, “I’m worthy of making more money at a job I love. I welcome an unlimited source of income and wealth in my life. I constantly attract opportunities that create more money.”

3 Post your affirmations where you can see them.

Print out or hand-write your list of positive self-talk statements and hang them on your bathroom mirror or your fridge door. Use your smartphone to snap a picture of your list.

4 Reprogram your brain.

Get in the habit of reciting your affirmations morning, noon and night – and anytime you need a boost. It’s important to do them where you feel safe and relaxed, like in your bed or after a bath.
The more you tell yourself you’re deserving more, the more you’ll take action to achieve that dream life.

Use These Words

Start your affirmations with “I” or “my,” and write them in the present tense. Keep them positive, brief and achievable: “I am brimming with energy and overflowing with joy,” “I have the strength to succeed,” or “I have the power to choose.”

Try using some of these power words in your own affirmations:

Alive Grateful
Amazing Happy
Bold Inspired
Courageous Playful
Dynamic Ready
Easy Relaxed
Empowered Renewed
Energetic Trusting
Focused Unlimited
Free Worthy