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Wake-Up Call

Deanna Magee realized the best way to set an example for her children was to let them watch her in action

A few years ago, if you would have asked Deanna Magee what her favorite time of the day was, the answer would have been easy: nap time. So much so that she’d often try to squeeze in two each day. “After I dropped the kids off at school, my bed looked so cozy, I’d just lay back down in it,” she says. Then, when her children got home from school, she’d often nap again.

“I wasn’t living my best life,” she acknowledges.

But now, Magee, a single mom, has a different favorite time of the day: playtime with her children. She spends many afternoons bouncing up and down with her daughter and son on the family’s trampoline (even in the Florida summer heat!), horseback riding and doing art projects with her daughter. She’s even able to muster the energy to help her kids with their math homework, something she previously loathed.

You can’t live your best life if you’re going to lay around. If you’re not feeling motivated, get moving. Take the dog for a walk or play with the kids. If you get your body in motion, your mind will follow suit.”

What’s changed? Magee tried the THRIVE Experience in July of 2017, and she immediately gained enough energy and mental clarity to start being more productive – and enjoying life. She was so happy with the change that she signed up to be a Le-Vel Promoter and is watching her business soar.

Not only does she feel she has the energy to be a better mom, but Magee says she takes pride in the fact that she can be a role model for her children. She doesn’t mind if they eavesdrop on phone conversations when she’s talking to others about THRIVE. She also has taken them car shopping to help pick out her dream car, and she has involved them in the planning of the family’s dream home, which is currently being built. 

“It’s really important for my kids to see me succeed,” she says. “When they see the car, and the plans for the house, they understand why I’m working so hard.

“Kids aren’t going to learn goal-setting in school,” she says. “It’s up to me as a parent to show them what’s possible.” When she’s not working or playing with her kids, Magee often takes time to read self-development books. One current favorite: Think & Grow Rich.

“I used to think of free time as a time to take a quick catnap,” she says. Now, if she find herself with a few extra minutes, she says she’s much more likely to spend the time reading or creating a “gratitude list” to remind her of all the things she’s grateful for.

“I have no problem coming up with things to put on that list,” she says. “I’m very fortunate to be able to create a life that I love.”

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