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A Home Run

Samantha Jeter

A few years ago, Samantha Jeter had a lot on her mind.

While finishing graduate school and working 12-hour shifts as an intern doing clinical counseling in the psych unit at a local hospital, Jeter says she would often let stress get the best of her.

“I would let my mind wander and would lose focus on what I was doing,” she says.

Her cousin had been posting about THRIVE on Facebook, and she told her that it would offer her both energy and mood support.

But Jeter, a longtime softball player, says she always felt she was getting enough exercise and that her body didn’t need anything else. “But I was so anxious, I felt like something had to change,” she says. “It was pretty debilitating.”

She finally reached out to her cousin after a particularly trying day and decided to try the THRIVE Experience. Just like that, her life changed.

“I was a Day 1 THRIVER,” she says. The product gave her mental clarity and helped with mood support. Suddenly, instead of fretting for hours over a stressful situation, Jeter says she found herself “in more control. I would calmly evaluate the situation and not let it take over my day,” she remembers.

But the product didn’t just make her feel better: It gave her the confidence to look at her future in a different way. After using THRIVE for several months, Jeter took a job as a case manager with Child Protective Services. She had a degree in education and wanted to work with children.

Unfortunately, “I absolutely, flat-out hated it,” she says. At the same time, she began having success as a THRIVE Promoter and hit her 12K bonus. Then, a light bulb went on in her head. “Hitting that rank gave me the confidence to leave my job and re-evaluate what I wanted out of my life,” she says.

“Allow yourself to think bigger.”

Realizing that being a THRIVE Promoter could be the ticket to achieving financial freedom – and leaving the job she loathed – Jeter quit her job and “hit the gas pedal” as a Promoter.

Being a Promoter gave Jeter the mindset to focus on what she was really passionate about: teaching and softball. She recently took a new position teaching English and coaching middle school volleyball and softball teams and also serving as a coach for a high school softball team.

“I’ve played softball my whole life, but I never dreamed I could incorporate that in my career,” she says. “Without Le-Vel, I wouldn’t have had the guts or courage to pursue what I really wanted to do.”

While working at her new jobs, Jeter says she’s continued to move up the ranks as a Promoter and has her eye on the 40K rank. “This is really a home run for me,” she says of her new life. “I feel very grateful I’m finally loving the life I’m in.”

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