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Gear Up!

Blaze a new trail with these must-have gadgets and supplies to maximize your time in the Great outdoors

Mother Nature provides the perfect playground, but why not amp up the fun (and your comfort level) with the latest gadgets? Whether you want to take a super high-tech selfie or sleep under the stars in nature’s canopy, this checklist of coveted gear should be at the top of your packing list.

The Selfie Drone

No need to waste time jockeying for the perfect selfie when you can have a drone do all the legwork. Designed by ZeroZero Robotics, the Hover Camera Passport is a state-of-the-art self-flying device that tags along on your trips, taking 13MP aerial pics of you and yours, and snapping stunning 4K videos of the sights you set out to see. Its compact size, iOS app, and facial and body recognition and detection features make it the quintessential traveling companion. $250

Portable Campfire Plus

All camp stoves make a spark, but BioLite’s CampStove 2 also charges your dying phone out in the middle of nowhere. With only twigs and a match, it uses its own heat to generate enough electricity to provide an hour of talking and/or texting in just 20 minutes, while its near-smokeless flames grill up to four burgers at a clip and boil water in five minutes flat. The smart LED dashboard indicates level of juice at a glance, infinitely upping the happy-trail factor, day or night. Another plus: It weighs in at just two pounds. $110

Tree Tent

Sleeping under the stars is one thing; doing so while hanging from a tree limb is another. Fashioned for tree huggers and the ultimate arboreal thrill, the Tentsile Connect Tree Tent combines the security of a tent with the comfort and versatility of a hammock. Like any tent worth its weight, this dangling, two-person shelter has foldaway doors, a removable, water-resistant rain fly, and is connectable to other such contraptions to create one big high-flying super camp. May also be used on the ground, but… why? $405

Travel Cocktail Bar

A perfect pour is a guarantee no matter where you roam with the highly portable and utterly handsome Hamilton Travel Bar. Mix it up in style with 16 essential bartender’s tools, including cocktail shaker and strainer, stir stick, Acacia wood cutting board, bar knife, jigger, and four Double Old-Fashioned glasses. Divided into padded compartments, it has ample room for three bottles of the good stuff. $183

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