Looking Great

Clothing Backed by Science

Rather than donning a clunky black watch, try these high-tech apparel options

Move over, smartwatches. From socks that can measure how far and how fast you run to yoga pants that gently correct your alignment to stylish apparel with health-tracking features, wearable technology is popping up in virtually every clothing category. Some smart apparel employs high-tech textiles with interwoven circuitry, while others have sensors to provide smart functionality. Many connect to an app or a secondary device using Wi-Fi.

Consider this clothing that you would wear anyway, but smarter.

Here’s a rundown on some of the hottest options.

Smarter feet

Under Armour’s UA HOVR Infinite running shoe is digitally connected – a pod embedded in the midsole of the right shoe connects via Bluetooth to MapMyRun, allowing runners to track their run data without a device. Athletes also receive virtual personalized coaching to improve their gait, stride length, pace and more.

Need coaching on how to improve your run? The Sensoria Sock 2.0 connects to an app for iOS 10, and runners receive data from an artificial intelligence coach, Mara, on how to run faster and avoid injuries.

Smarter activewear

A number of high-end brands are incorporating smart technology into their traditional apparel. Ralph Lauren’s PoloTech T-shirt combines the fashion label’s preppy aesthetic with the ability to send live metrics, like your heart rate, from the shirt to your iPhone. A companion app records fitness activity and recommends new workouts.

Want to improve your downward dog? Skip yoga class and opt for a pair of Wearable X’s Nadi X yoga pants instead. The pants are embedded with electronics meant to help users improve their alignment. By using the companion iPhone app and Pulse battery that connects to the $299 pants via Bluetooth technology, yogis of all abilities can work on their technique. The battery clips behind the wearer’s upper left knee to activate the sensors in the yoga pants. Listen to the audio instructor on your phone and feel the guidance on your skin through vibrations on your body.

Smarter sleepwear

Want to optimize your sleep? Under Armour’s Athlete Recovery Sleepwear uses a mobile app to automatically monitor your sleep every night. As you snooze, a proprietary “Sleep Score” assesses the quality of your slumber, requiring users to establish consistent patterns of quality sleep, while the UA Body Clock establishes consistent sleep and wake times. The app also offers tips on how to improve sleep habits and maximize recovery and performance.

All of the line’s garments absorb heat from the wearer’s body while releasing infrared light to increase sleep quality and improve muscle recovery. The best part? Many of the items (including the T-shirts) are stylish enough to wear during the day as well. Throw on a T after a workout and let the recovery commence.

Smarter belts

Need help maintaining your waistline? Samsung’s WELT is a wellness belt that tracks key health data and provides tips to improve your overall health. The belt tracks your waist size, activity and food intake, in addition to steps taken and sitting time. WELT will send a message to your smartphone with feedback on various information such as recommended steps and how to reduce your sedentary time.

Smarter jewelry

Your jewelry doesn’t have to sacrifice style for functionality. From smart rings to smart necklaces, there are a number of different options cropping up that have functional features as well.

One top pick: The quick-charging SHAREMORE Multifunction Smart Necklace allows you to send SOS alerts, receive messages and snap photos.