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Wake-up Call

Katie Mason

Four and a half years ago, when her son was just two years old, Katie Mason often referred to herself as a “mombie.” “I was a zombie mom,” she says. “During the day, while taking care of my son, I was so worn out that I was barely keeping my head above water. The moment my husband walked in the door at the end of the day, I just unloaded on him.”

She saw that a good friend had shared a story from the Le-Vel Facebook Fan Page about a mom who had “gained boundless energy” after trying the THRIVE Experience.

“I was lying in bed reading about it, and I asked my husband if he thought the product actually worked. His response: ‘Things couldn’t get any worse than they are right now, so you might as well try.’ That was my wake-up call.”

Mason tried THRIVE just after Labor Day and started to notice some subtle changes in her energy levels. “Every day, it felt like my batteries just kept getting a little more charged,” she says. A few days in, instead of napping with her son, she began putting him in the stroller so she could go for a run while he slept.

Then, on Day 10, while driving with her son strapped in his car seat, she found herself at a stop sign singing along with the radio at the top of her lungs.

“At that moment, I couldn’t remember when I’d had the energy to sing and dance and be silly like that with my son,” she says. “It still brings tears to my eyes to think about it.”

Her husband noticed. “He initially was scared to say anything, because he was afraid it would go away. I was the happy, energetic person he used to know.”

“Every day, I feel like my batteries just kept getting a little more charged.”

After eight weeks, Mason began to let her friends in on what was happening. They wanted to order THRIVE and she realized that it was a “no-brainer” to become a Promoter.

From there, “things just progressed like wildfire,” she says. Now a mom of two children, she recently achieved her 200K VIP goal. “I’m certainly proud to have attained the top rank of the company, but what’s even more important to me is to continue to help others feel as good as I do,” she says.

Mason says she is constantly looking for ways to share her story with new people. “I’m always trying to build relationships with people who have similar interests as I do.” For instance, she’s connected with potential THRIVERS through hobbies like gardening. “Instead of going around asking people, ‘Hey, have you heard about THRIVE?’ I’m building friendships with people and sharing what’s helped me.

My goal is to keep changing lives for as long as I can,” she says.

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