Master Minds

Jason Camper and Paul Gravette share the tools and techniques they use every day to maintain a positive mindset — and slay their goals

Need a quick dose of motivation to start your day? Who doesn’t? Fortunately, Le-Vel Co-Founders Jason Camper and Paul Gravette are both masters of self-motivation and have adopted a number of best practices and rituals to stay laser-focused on their personal and professional goals. Read on to learn some of the proven techniques they’ve used to build their business into a $2 billion juggernaut. Add the strategies to your daily routine and watch your performance soar.

“Set yourself up for success with daily rituals.”

Paul: A lot of people start their days thinking about the tasks and problems they’ll have to get through. I think about the successes I’m going to have. It’s never, ‘I hope I can make this sale or land this deal.’ It’s always, ‘There’s no way I’m going to fail today. The deal is mine!’

Jason: Some people have morning rituals that help them gear up for the day. Mine all happen at night, so I’m ready to go the next morning as soon as I wake up. When I do my prayer and practice my meditation and gratitude, I’m a big fan of affirmations. Each evening, I start all of mine with the words, ‘I am. . .’ and finish with positive thoughts on anything I’d like to be better at. For instance, I may say, ‘I am grateful, I am positive, I am giving, I am passionate.’ I find when I do these sessions at night, I’m able to go to sleep in a very positive state of mind.

“Connect with others early in the day.”

Paul: I spend my mornings on the phone establishing relationships. These friendly conversations put me in a good frame of mind that carries over to the day’s tasks. It helps me begin in a positive mood, and that mood is contagious! It puts anyone I’m dealing with in the same positive state, so for me, 90 percent of the battle has already been won.

“Write down your goals – both short-term and long-term.”

Jason: Years ago, a friend of mine had given me a nice, hardcover journal – like the kind you’d get from somewhere like OfficeMax. He told me to open it up and use the first page to write down all of my goals and dreams for the future. There was a lot on there, from career stuff to having a closer relationship with my parents. Writing these down was very powerful, and I was able to accomplish most of them long ago – many in my 20s and 30s. But I continue to write down new goals, and I encourage others to do the same. I always tell everyone that goals are really your fuel. They are what drive you and get you through the tough days.

“Put in the time.”

Jason: I don’t think anybody can make a mistake in terms of setting a goal for themselves. The mistake I see people making is not doing enough to pursue their goals. Somebody who’s never been an entrepreneur or responsible for their own actions might downplay the importance of goal-setting, but it’s absolutely critical. Sometimes people can come into our line of business and think because it’s free to join, you don’t have to put up a huge time investment. But for any successful business, it takes work and dedication to be successful.

“Remind yourself of your successes.”

Paul: If I need a quick shot of motivation during the day, I think about people who I’ve helped through the charities and organizations my wife and I support. I want to continue to help people whenever I can, and if I don’t succeed, I won’t have the wherewithal to continue giving. Thinking about this also reminds me of just how fortunate we are compared to so many others, and it motivates me to stay on course.

“Don’t be afraid to change course.”

Paul: If something goes wrong in my plan, I don’t give up. I learn from it and make a new plan. You should think of your plan as though it was your GPS as you drive. When a roadblock or detour pops up, you hear, ‘Recalculating route,’ and you take a different path. You don’t park your car and give up. You may have to recalculate your route to success a number of times. That’s the key to winning.

“Seek inspiration from others.”

Paul: I’m big on reading! There are so many excellent publications and resources out there, but my top three recommendations are: “How to Win Friends and Influence People” (by Dale Carnegie), “Think and Grow Rich” (by Napoleon Hill) and “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” (by Stephen Covey). My favorite current read is Ben Stein’s “The Capitalist Code.”

Looking Ahead

Here’s a peek inside the to-do lists and goals of Co-Founders Camper and Gravette for the future.

Paul Gravette’s


To break my personal record of leaving my home and meeting face-to-face with THRIVERS who want success as bad as I do! It’s next to impossible to explore a business without establishing personal connections.


Increase my IPAs (Income Producing Activities) and stay away from most of what does not increase my family’s financial well-being.


Establish a business mentality for our three boys and teach them how to make decisions collectively.

Jason Camper’s


I’m focused on some new technology for Le-Vel that we’re super-excited about. We can’t release this yet, but we have really big, monumental things falling into place.


Le-Vel is going to continue its expansion into international markets, especially in southeast Asia.


Two priorities never change: safety and security. I always want to protect this beautiful brand called THRIVE, continue to innovate, and set a very high standard in our industry and space. We’re one of the first companies in the history of our industry to hit $2 billion in such a short amount of time, and we want to continue to do better and better.