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Christine Phung took her THRIVE business to a new level when she learned how to lead by example

Like many moms with young children, Christine Phung craved more energy and better sleep after having her second child. Phung, who had owned a hair salon, left her business behind to become a full-time mom.

“I just lacked energy,” she says. “I often did my mom duties while lying on the couch.”

So, at the end of 2018, when one of her friends reached out and suggested she try the THRIVE Experience, she decided to give it a shot. “My first time doing it, I did everything wrong,” says Phung, who remembers taking her capsules at different times of the day (instead of first thing in the morning) and sometimes forgetting to put on her DFT.

“I remember thinking, ‘Why is this not working for me?’” she says. But when Phung started scrolling the Le-Vel Fan page and reading story after story about how the THRIVE Experience had changed people’s lives, she decided to get serious and take the product correctly.

Once she mastered the three simple steps, “everything changed,” she says. “I had energy and I wasn’t moody anymore.” On Day 10 of her THRIVE Experience, she noticed that her bloat was gone. “My girlfriends told me I looked great, and I started talking about what I was doing.”

When Phung learned that she could THRIVE for free — and earn commissions by sharing her story — she decided to become a Promoter. “I just continued to tell everyone how amazing I felt, and things accelerated from there,” she says. Phung hit her 4K VIP rank in her first two weeks as a Promoter. And by February of 2019, she’d reached the 12K rank and earned her Auto Bonus. By May, she hit the 80K rank.

“There’s always someone on my team I’m going to want to help.”

And then, just like that, she lost her rank for several months. “Things went so fast, I hadn’t learned how to become a leader,” she says.

During that period, Phung realized she needed to take the time to invest in self-development and learn from other successful Promoters. “I plugged into all of the free trainings Le-Vel offered,” she says. “If I had housework to do, I listened to a Zoom session while I did it. I was constantly getting new tips and I practiced applying what I’d learned.”

In addition, Phung used her newfound knowledge to train and mentor other Promoters and worked hard to celebrate the success of her team members.

Those efforts paid off: Phung earned back her 80K rank that December. And in June 2020, she hit the 200K rank. She firmly believes that a change in mindset helped her take her business to the next level. “It was a shift from wanting this for myself to thinking, ‘Who else can I help with this free opportunity? How can I lead better to help others?’”

Her next goal is to achieve the Le-Vel Millionaire Award, and Phung believes she’ll get there by focusing on her team’s success, rather than her own. She faithfully holds Zoom training sessions for her team members every Tuesday and Thursday at 6 a.m. and tries to lead by example by being consistent in sharing her story on social media each day.

“I’ll never be complacent and think my work is done,” she says. “There’s always someone on my team I’m going to want to help.”

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