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After Leeann Monaghan discovered THRIVE, she became the kind of mom she’d always wanted to be

Leeann Monaghan had always enjoyed her career in the banking industry – until she didn’t anymore. It was the summer of 2016, and Monaghan remembers being disappointed after getting a promotion to a supervisory position at the bank where she’d been working.

The bank was open seven days a week from early in the morning until late in the evening. “I learned quickly that the promotion meant that I got to work all of the hours nobody else wanted to work,” she says.

One Friday evening, she met up with a friend to complain about her frustrating situation over a glass of wine. “We always used to tell each other all of our problems,” she says. So, Monaghan was surprised when, that Friday evening, her friend was in great spirits.

“My first reaction was, ‘Why are you so happy?’” Monaghan remembers. Her friend told her that she had recently begun the THRIVE Experience and that it had given her renewed energy. She gave Monaghan a sample to try.

“Nothing happened the first day,” she remembers. But on the next day, a Sunday, something odd occurred. Monaghan, who lives in a beach town, was stuck in beach traffic on her way to work – something that would usually make her “extra grumpy” before her shift.

But on this Sunday, she strolled into the bank all smiles. “I knew I was in a better mood than normal, but I chalked it up to a good playlist on the radio,” she says.

Then on Monday, when she walked into work smiling for the second day in a row, her manager confronted her. “She told me, ‘I don’t know what you’ve done differently, but whatever it is, please keep doing it because you’re so much nicer!’”

It was then that Monaghan realized that the THRIVE Experience was working for her. Not only had her mood lifted, but she wasn’t craving caffeine or junk food anymore and she was sleeping better.

As she continued with the product, things just kept improving. One day, she came home from work and turned on some music to have a dance party with her oldest son, who was four years old at the time. “His sweet little face looked up at me and he said, ‘Mommy, you’re so much fun now!’ It was the hardest, yet best moment of my life,” she says.

Because of her experience, she signed up to be a Promoter and couldn’t stop telling people about THRIVE. “As soon as I realized how good it felt for me to help other people feel better, I realized that Promoting THRIVE is what filled my cup,” she says.

She blew through her early bonuses in the first few months and earned her Auto Bonus that July. In November of 2016, she hit the 40K VIP rank and switched to part-time hours at the bank.

By February of 2017, her husband, Jeremiah, joined her as a Promoter and earned his Auto Bonus and 12K rank. That same month, Monaghan was able to focus on her THRIVE business full time.

She’s now a 200K Promoter and Jeremiah has also been able to promote THRIVE full time with her.

Her next goal is to achieve the Le-Vel Millionaire Award, but more important than that, she says, is to continue to help others. “My biggest goal is to help as many tired mamas enjoy life with their babies as I can,” she says. “As long as I keep doing that, I’ll always be successful.”

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