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Opportunity Knocks

Busy mom Lena Truong was climbing the corporate ladder – until she got the chance to take a different, more rewarding path

When Lena Truong first heard about the THRIVE Experience in 2018, she wasn’t looking for a business opportunity. In fact, after having her second child, Truong says it “was a real struggle” to get up every morning and head to her job as sales manager at a bank in British Columbia.

But she decided to try the THRIVE Experience when her friend – a Promoter with four children – started talking about how much energy she had.

“I asked her, ‘How can you look and feel so great when I’m dying over here?’” says Truong. The Promoter convinced her to try the THRIVE Experience. “On my first day, I didn’t tell anybody I was doing it except for my husband,” says Truong, who admits she was feeling skeptical about how the product would work. “I figured that if anyone was going to give me their honest opinion, it would be him.”

It turns out, Truong didn’t need anybody else’s opinion about the products. By her third day THRIVING, her mornings had been completely transformed. “Usually, I would take forever in my morning shower to wake up for the day,” she says. “But after taking my THRIVE capsules, I’d be wide awake about seven minutes later.”

By Day 10, Truong says, she realized she was “constantly smiling.” She noticed that her skin was glowing, too, and THRIVE was helping her with weight loss. “At that point I knew that I wanted to THRIVE for life,” she says.

She became a Promoter so that she could sign up two friends and THRIVE for free, but her journey didn’t end there.

At first, she says, she didn’t focus much effort on promoting THRIVE, and unfortunately she missed earning the bonuses available to new Promoters.

But then she attended her first THRIVEPALOOZA, and suddenly, a light switched on in her head. “I just looked up at the stage and there were so many people at the top, and I thought, ‘Why not me? I can do that, too!’”

“At that point I knew that I wanted to THRIVE for life.”

Truong went home from the conference, “and I put my head down and just started working like crazy,” she says. Even though she worked full-time at the bank, another Promoter told her how to fit her THRIVE business in on the side. “She told me to write down my schedule for the next two days and find out when my open times are when I could focus on THRIVE.” The problem? Truong didn’t have any free time.

Her solution was to start her day two hours earlier than normal – at 5 a.m. – and spend that time reaching out to potential customers. “Then, I’d catch up with people on my work breaks, before I picked up my kids, and just before going to bed,” she says.

Her plan worked: Four months after her consistent effort, she reached the 4K VIP rank, and kept climbing. In May of 2019, she transitioned into being a full-time Promoter. And last October, she hit her 80K rank. Now, her goal is to help her team members do the same.

Looking back now, Truong says she’s “incredibly grateful” that she said “yes” to the THRIVE Experience. “I’m building something of my own and also enjoying my kids while they’re still young,” she says. “That’s incredibly rewarding.”

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