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A Healthy Balance

Amy Takacs

Just over seven years ago, Amy Takacs was given a sample of THRIVE by a friend. “I was tired of being tired, and I realized I had nothing to lose,” says Takacs, who at the time worked 45 hours a week as a pharmacist.

“Day 1 for me was fantastic,” she remembers. After taking her capsules, drinking her lifestyle mix and putting on her DFT, “I had so much energy, I cleaned the entire house in a matter of hours,” she says.

After working as a pharmacist for more than two decades, Takacs saw firsthand how many of her customers craved more energy and wanted to sleep better, have less joint discomfort and feel motivated.

“I knew THRIVE was a vehicle to help with that, so I purchased a Promoter pack and began sharing it with everyone I knew,” she says.

Three months into her journey as a Promoter, Takacs decided to go part-time at the pharmacy so that she could spend more time at home with her two children while promoting THRIVE.

“Suddenly, I had the best of both worlds,” she says. “I love working at the pharmacy, but I love working from home, too. It’s a great mix.”

“When people say ‘no’ to THRIVE, I know that it doesn’t mean ‘no’ forever. It just means that it’s a ‘no’ for now.”

While being a Promoter has had its ups and downs, Takacs has learned how to embrace both to build her Le-Vel business. She reached her 200K VIP rank in July of 2017 and maintains it today. “It’s taken a lot for me to strategize how to balance two jobs plus family,” she says. “But I’ve gotten really good at working out a schedule that’s comfortable for me.”

One strategy that’s worked for her is getting up in the morning before her kids, who are both teenagers, get out of bed. “I use that quiet time to answer messages,” she says.

Then, if she’s going into the pharmacy, which she does three days a week, she uses her breaks and free time throughout the day to fit in her THRIVE business.

On days when she’s home, she’s focused more on THRIVE. “As hard as I work, being a Promoter has enabled me to put my family first,” she says.

Her oldest child is 17, and Takacs says she wants to maximize the time she has left with her before she heads to college.

“I can’t tell you how rewarding this business is,” she says. “Yes, I work hard. But I’m also present with my kids. When one of them asks me if I can snuggle with them, absolutely I’m going to put down my phone and do that. That’s the beauty of this gig.”

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