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Dynamic Duo

Qadriyyah & Thomas Tidwell

In early 2017, Thomas and Qadriyyah Tidwell were just getting by, both financially and emotionally. Thomas was a moving-truck driver who was used to putting in long hours, while Qadriyyah worked in a physician’s office and spent her evenings shuttling the couple’s four kids to sports practices.

“We were just insanely busy parents trying to survive,” remembers Qadriyyah. But that January, a friend gave her a sample of THRIVE and suddenly, Qadriyyah found herself with more energy than she’d had in years.

“On Day 1, I came downstairs after taking my capsules and took all the Christmas decorations down before Tommy even got downstairs,” she says. Qadriyyah quickly messaged her friend, who told her how she could THRIVE for free by becoming a Promoter.

After a month of watching Qadriyyah THRIVE, Thomas decided to see if the product would help him as well.

On Day 1, he felt nothing. Ditto for Day 2. And then, on the eighth day of trying THRIVE, Thomas, who’d long suffered from general aches and discomforts from hauling heavy furniture up and down staircases, noticed he was able to get out of bed more easily. “Sometimes I would wake up with general aches and discomfort in my knees and ankles,” he says. “I credited THRIVE for the joint support.”

And later that day, when he got home, instead of “passing out on the couch,” Thomas had enough energy to play basketball in the street with his sons.

“Every business has its ups and downs,” Thomas says. “Look at the downs as an opportunity to prepare yourself for the next level.”

“That’s when we knew for sure that we’d hit on something really big,” Qadriyyah says.

Both Tidwells became Promoters but say they didn’t take their new gig seriously until they went to THRIVEPALOOZA that year. “We knew the product worked, but what we didn’t know was all of the people from all different walks of life building a business from THRIVE,” Thomas says. “That was really eye-opening.”

After some ups and downs, they began to hit their stride. Four years later, in March of 2021, both achieved the 200K VIP milestone just three days apart. Now, both Qadriyyah and Thomas are full-time THRIVERS, working as a team to build their business.

“We have very different styles of doing everything, which works to our advantage,” Thomas says. He excels at signing up new Promoters, and Qadriyyah’s strength is training and mentoring.

And while both say that they would love to achieve the Millionaire Award, they’re even more interested in helping their team members grow. “Our goal is to show others who don’t feel seen that they can walk into this business and grow and be their authentic selves,” Qadriyyah says.

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