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Brittney Hernandez

When Brittney Hernandez discovered THRIVE in January of 2018, she was working full time as an insurance broker and attending school to learn how to be an aesthetician. “At the time, I was a single mom working 12 to 15 hours a day, and I just couldn’t take care of my body like I wanted to,” she says.

Hernandez was so lethargic that she had to take pre-workout supplements to get through her fitness routine, and she survived on coffee to get through the workday.

Then, a woman she knew sent her a mini THRIVE Experience.

“The way I describe that first day of taking the product was that it’s kind of like putting glasses on that you didn’t even know you needed,” Hernandez says. “I had that mental clarity and energy that I’d been missing for a long time.”

Even though her schedule was already packed, Hernandez was so impressed with THRIVE that she knew she had to be a Promoter. “When I had breaks at school, I was fitting in my THRIVE business.”

“I spend the first hour of the day filling up my own cup with self-development and prayer. You can’t fill up anyone else’s cup until you fill your own up first.”

She quickly earned her early VIP bonuses, and then saw THRIVE as an opportunity to have the freedom that she’d always craved. “My son was eight years old, and for the whole beginning of his childhood, I wasn’t able to be present for school drop-offs, field trips and all of the stuff that was important. I realized that by continuing to build my THRIVE business, I might be able to have that freedom.”

At the same time, Hernandez says the women she’d met while learning to be an aesthetician often complained to her about their own situations, craving more freedom over their schedules.

“Something inside me clicked,” she says. “I realized that as a Promoter, I could help other women know what it’s like to live up to their full potential.”

Within seven months of trying THRIVE, Hernandez finished school and left her job at the insurance company to focus full-time on her THRIVE business.

Her now-husband joined her as a THRIVE Promoter and the two earned their Auto Bonuses. She earned her 80K VIP rank in a little over two years as a Promoter and in March of this year, she reached the 200K rank milestone.

As much as she’s changed her own life as a THRIVE Promoter, Hernandez is even more excited about how she’s helped others THRIVE. “I am truly helping people transform their lives from the inside out,” she says. “That’s why I’m so passionate about this business.”

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