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Keeping the Faith

Katelyne Koeberlein

In October of 2017, Katelyne Koeberlein stumbled on the Le-Vel Facebook fan page and couldn’t stop reading the reviews from happy THRIVERS.

“I thought to myself, ‘There’s no way people are feeling that good about some vitamins,’” says the mom of two. But she was so intrigued that she ordered the THRIVE Experience – and suddenly, she understood what the fuss was about.

“Three days into my experience, I felt incredible,” she remembers. “I stopped overeating and I started waking up early, ready to tackle my day.”

Koeberlein was so excited about THRIVE that she immediately became a Promoter. In her first week, she sold 70 sample packs. “I wanted to get THRIVE in as many people’s hands as possible,” she says.

Koeberlein says she went full speed ahead in her first few months as a THRIVE Promoter, sharing her story on social media and hosting Zoom calls and three-way messenger chats.

Her hard work paid off. She reached the 12K VIP rank in just 23 days and continued shattering milestones. Five months in, she achieved the 200K rank.

“Don’t overcomplicate things. Just get THRIVE into people’s hands. When they try the product, their lives will change. It’s as simple as that.”

And then, for the first time since she’d joined Le-Vel as a Promoter, Koeberlein lost her rank, dropping down to the 80K rank for the next 18 months.

But instead of feeling sorry for herself, Koeberlein leaned into her faith for inspiration. “I knew God was teaching me a lesson and that this was happening for a reason,” she says. “Whenever I felt like I needed help to keep going, I buried my face into my Bible.”

She also took the time to build her leadership skills and learn how to help other Promoters discover their vision. “I taught people to uncover their why,” she says. “When you discover your why, your goals are suddenly attached to your heart. And that’s going to give you the grit and determination to get to the next level.”

That’s certainly what helped Koeberlein propel herself back to 200K rank and stay there for good. “If I’ve learned anything in the past four years, it’s that faith and perseverance pays off,” she says.

And she anticipates that those two characteristics will continue to drive her success. “Mark my words: In 2022, becoming a Millionaire Award recipient is happening for me,” she says. “I’ve learned how to show up no matter what, and that’s what’s made the difference.”

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