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Leading With Love

Holly & Andrew Osborne

Five years ago, Holly Osborne was on a downward spiral. Her grandmother had passed away and one of her sons had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. In addition, she and her husband Andrew were one step away from filing for bankruptcy.

Holly, who worked full-time as a pharmaceutical technician, dealt with some of the stress by eating junk food. “I was downing donuts and Cheetos, Chinese food and pizza,” she says. “I put on a lot of weight and was feeling very down and out.”

One night she remembers praying about her situation. “I asked God to show me what to do.”

Holly believes that answer came a few nights later, when she was scrolling Facebook and saw a photo of someone wearing a DFT on the back of their hand. She’d never heard of THRIVE and created her own Facebook post asking if anybody else had heard about it.

A friend from high school quickly responded. “She told me that THRIVE gave you energy, weight management support and amazing sleep. I jumped right in and ordered my package.”

On Day 14 of her THRIVE Experience, Holly woke up before her alarm. “You know that moment in Snow White where she was singing, and all of the woodland animals gathered around her? That’s how alive I felt!”

“Just share your heart, and people will pay attention,” Andrew says.

Andrew was shocked at the change in his wife. “As a husband, you feel helpless when you can’t make your wife feel better,” he says. But suddenly, Holly was coming home from work and taking the couple’s sons on bike rides. In addition, THRIVE inspired a weight-loss journey that eventually helped her shed 70 pounds.

Holly became a THRIVE Promoter just before Christmas that year, but it took a few years before she and Andrew, who eventually signed on as a Promoter, really embraced the THRIVE opportunity. They were on a Lifestyle Getaway in 2018 and met a few members of their upline. “They locked arms with us and said, ‘We’re going to show you how to lead with love and change people’s lives.’” Holly says. From that moment on, the couple hit the gas pedal and learned to “lead with love, not the sale.”

That tactic has worked: Last January, Holly hit the 200K VIP rank, and Andrew reached his 80K milestone at THRIVEPALOOZA. Holly is now a full-time THRIVER, and Andrew has found a new job with more flexibility while THRIVING part-time.

Holly now proudly wears a tattoo on her back that includes the handwriting of three members of her upline with their life’s mottos. One reads, “Love always wins.”

“Once we learned to lead with love, everything else just fell into place,” she says.

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