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Kelli Carrico

In the spring of 2020, Kelli Carrico, a wedding photographer, suddenly found herself out of work, “In one day, I had $18,000 dollars’ worth of revenue disappear as wedding after wedding got canceled,” she remembers.

Carrico kept telling herself that “everything was going to be fine.” Except it wasn’t. “I wasn’t coping the way I appeared to be on social media,” she says. “Behind the scenes, I was eating cake and drinking wine, and I gained a lot of weight.”

After six weeks, she realized she needed some help to get her health back on track. In June, she tried THRIVE and suddenly felt like herself again. “I stopped overeating and was gaining energy,” she says. “I remember thinking, ‘There’s got to be a lot of moms stuck in their house right now who need THRIVE, too.’”

Carrico signed up as a Promoter and started tapping her network to spread the word about THRIVE. Her husband Timothy was a teacher at the local high school where she also used to teach, and the couple was active in their local church.

“I schedule weekly Facebook Lives where I bring attention to people’s THRIVE stories. The only way to work this business is to share, not sell.”

In just four days, Carrico achieved the 4K VIP rank. “My success had everything to do with the good relationships we had in the community,” says the mom of four.

In just 23 days, Carrico achieved the 12K rank; shortly after that, she used her Auto Bonus to purchase a new Mercedes. Carrico was satisfied with staying at the 12K rank for a while, but always knew she could push her business further. So when Le-Vel announced a new promotion, Operation Winning, in early 2021, she decided the timing was right to see how far she could go.

“By then, people could look at both my husband and me and see what THRIVE had done for us physically,” she says. THRIVE had inspired both of them to embark on a weight-loss journey, and both looked and felt great. “It was time to get our faces out there and tell everyone our story,” she says. “Once we did that, we started telling other people’s stories. Things skyrocketed from there.”

Carrico reached her 80K rank in March. “I was so focused on helping 10 key members of my team reach 4K, I didn’t even realize I was going to hit it,” she says.

And that’s just the way she approaches her business. While she is now reaching for her 200K milestone, she says that her end goal is to teach others to be able to find the time freedom and financial stability that she’s discovered. “What good is being at the top if nobody’s there with you?”

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