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Melissa & Michael Brown

About three years ago, Melissa Brown remembers being overweight and dealing with general physical discomforts that were negatively affecting her overall quality of life. “I’d put my two older kids on the bus each morning and lay in bed the rest of the day with my littlest,” says the mom of three.

A friend gave her a THRIVE sample, and she suddenly found it easier to get out of bed and move around. “I called my mom and said, ‘I need this!’” Melissa says.

Her mom purchased her a two months’ supply of THRIVE for Christmas, and Melissa considers it the best gift she’s ever received. “After just a few weeks, my general aches and discomforts were calmed, I stopped craving sugar, and I achieved mental clarity,” she says. Even better: “My energy was back. I started doing so many things with the kids I’d never done before – even kayaking and biking.”

Her husband Michael, who’d recently fallen asleep at the wheel while coming home from work, decided to give THRIVE a try, too, so that he’d be able to stay awake during his long commutes to work.

Suddenly, he found he was able to make the long treks without having to stop at the gas station to gulp down cups of coffee.

“If you need inspiration to keep going, just think about the people who are praying and crying themselves to sleep at night because they don’t know about THRIVE,” Melissa says.

Shortly after trying THRIVE, Melissa learned that she could THRIVE for free by becoming a Promoter. “I hit the Promoter button just to get the free product, but suddenly, I was hitting all of my VIP bonuses,” she says. The bonuses allowed her to go Christmas shopping for her children on Black Friday without having the usual stress over finances. “I still get teary when I think about it,” she says.

Michael signed up as a Promoter, too, and the couple began working together to build connections with potential THRIVERS. In January of this year, Melissa reached her 80K VIP rank and Mike achieved the 40K milestone the same month.

The two look back now and can’t believe how much their lives have changed in the past few years. For Melissa, being a Le-Vel Promoter has enabled her to stay at home with her children while still contributing to the family’s finances.

Mike relishes the fact that both he and his wife have earned their Auto Elite bonuses, along with several Lifestyle Getaways. But most of all, he says he’s amazed at what his wife has accomplished. “She’s the driving force behind this whole thing – I’ve been flying underneath her coattails,” he says. “Because of her hard work, we’re able to live the life of our dreams.”

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