Promoter Margie Benton
Living the Premium Lifestyle

Believe in filling your cup

Margie Benton stays busy running a manufacturing company while helping others fulfill their dreams – and she’s not about to slow down

Margie Benton was in a panic.

It was March of 2019, and Benton, who worked 70 hours per week running a company, was headed to the airport before dawn for a long day of travel.

She normally started days like these by “grabbing a massive cup of coffee with three shots of espresso,” but it was so early that the airport coffee shop was closed.

As she wondered how she’d make it through the day, Benton remembered the THRIVE sample in her travel bag.
She had received the sample from a friend “with zero intentions of ever trying it,” she says. Then Benton recalled her friend’s post about how much energy the THRIVE Experience had given her. So, she popped the Premium Lifestyle Capsules into her mouth. Then she poured the Lifestyle Mix into her water and drank it.

“I didn’t want to wear the DFT where people would see so I actually hid it under the waistband of my skirt,” she remembers.

“I began to feel like I was firing on all cylinders,” Benton says. “I was happy and alert and full of energy.” That night, back at her hotel, she went online to learn more about the THRIVE Experience.

“I wanted to know what was making me feel so great and how much it was going to cost, because I knew I had to keep taking it.”

As soon as she discovered she could THRIVE for free by referring two customers, Benton hit the Promoter button and went to work finding others who wanted to THRIVE.

“I was happy and alert and full of energy.”

Within the next 12 hours, she began receiving messages from a Promoter who told her how she could earn her VIP800 bonus. “I said I didn’t have time for that – I was busy running a company!” she says.

Even though she didn’t intend to devote much time to Promoting THRIVE, Benton says she couldn’t ignore the challenge of hitting that bonus, so she continued sharing her THRIVE Experience, and earned the bonus on the last possible day.

Even after referring 20 customers, Benton says she didn’t really view herself as a Promoter until she won a contest on her team in which she was awarded one-on-one time via Zoom with five 200K VIP leaders.

“I had no idea what the conversations would do for me,” says Benton. “Realizing these Promoters were just normal, goal-oriented people like me made the Promoter life seem attainable.”

In August of 2019, Benton says she decided to go “all in.” She hit the 4K rank and kept going. She continued her hectic pace at work, but had more energy at night to work her THRIVE business, and pushed herself to do more.

She set an alert on her phone to go off every evening that said, “Have you put in the work to deserve the life you’re living?”

“It was my reminder to do a little more,” she says.

She kept up that pace, always completing her daily Income-Producing Activities. In November 2020, she hit the 40K rank. She reached her 80K milestone in March of 2021, and now she’s running for 200K rank.

She acknowledges that her fast-paced life isn’t for everyone. “My time is all spent intentionally,” she says.

“I’m driven by the desire to help my team make their dreams come true,” she says. “That’s what fills my cup!”

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