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Busy salon owner Nickole Atkinson embraced the benefits of the THRIVE Experience, but discovered the THRIVE community offered so much more

In early May of 2017, Nickole Atkinson, then a mother to three, worked 60 to 80-hour weeks, managing 14 hair salons.

To have the energy to keep going, she fueled her body throughout the day with Starbucks coffee, Dr. Pepper and Coke.

“I had tried a bunch of different nutritional supplements, but nothing gave me the energy I needed,” she says.

That explains why, when a friend’s daughter reached out with a sample of the THRIVE Experience, Atkinson left it in a drawer for over a year without trying it. But one day, she called the Promoter and offered her the sample back. Instead, the woman convinced her to give it a try.

On the second day of her THRIVE Experience, Atkinson was kicking herself for not trying the product sooner. “I was feeling more rested and really felt that mental clarity,” she says.

The third day was a game-changer. “I suddenly had the energy I’d always needed,” she says. That morning, Atkinson cooked breakfast for her family and cleaned the house before going to work. When she got home, she prepared another home-cooked meal for her family.

That evening, Atkinson showed up on her Promoter friend’s doorstep, asking her how she could get more THRIVE products.

As the woman talked about Le-Vel’s Cloud Office and compensation program, Atkinson asked herself, “What’s the catch?”

“I’d tried other direct sales companies but hated that there was a cost to join and monthly quotas. I couldn’t believe Le-Vel didn’t have those.”

Atkinson signed up to be a Promoter and “took off like I was on fire.” She hit her 4K VIP rank within the first six weeks. She was also saving “a ton of money” by not buying coffee and soda, and as she gave up sugary drinks and continued taking THRIVE, she started dropping clothing sizes.

After a year, she hit her 12K rank and qualified for a Lifestyle Getaway to San Diego. In December of 2018, she reached the rank of 40K, and achieved her 80K rank in the spring of 2019. Eventually, Atkinson left her job to THRIVE full-time.

In November of 2019, she hit a bump in the road. She and her husband learned that their newborn son required major surgery. After receiving that news, Atkinson faced her own health challenges that negatively impacted her overall quality of life.

Although it was a struggle, Atkinson says working her Le-Vel business during that ordeal was a “blessing,” as it took her mind off her health troubles. Her fellow Promoters rallied around her and provided her the support she needed to keep going.

Atkinson has overcome her health challenges, and is busy continuing to build her THRIVE business. She’s constantly learning new techniques on social media, connecting with potential THRIVERS through Facebook Live, TikTok and YouTube, among other outlets.

Her next goal is to hit the 200K rank and eventually attain the Millionaire Award, but Atkinson says even more important than hitting those ranks is to help her team reach the next levels in their businesses. “I’ve gotten a tremendous amount of help and support in this community, and I want to pay that forward,” she says.

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