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Tiffany Haggamaker was just going through the motions of her life, but after she tried the THRIVE Experience, she finally felt alive

In 2017, Tiffany Haggamaker was known among her friends as a Debbie Downer. For a few years, she’d been dealing with general discomforts in her body and was always exhausted.

“I was that person on social media who complained about every single thing that was going on in my life,” says Haggamaker. “I was kind of a train wreck.”

She felt so lethargic that when she’d put her son on the bus for school, she’d spend the rest of her day either napping or sitting on a heating pad. “My body just felt bad in general,” she says.

Sometimes, when she posted on Facebook about how she felt, a Promoter she’d randomly friended would comment on Haggamaker’s situation.

When she complained about needing coffee to stay awake, the Promoter wrote, “I haven’t had caffeine in two years, and I feel great!”

“I would roll my eyes and think to myself, ‘How could someone feel that good?’” Haggamaker remembers. But that December, the woman reached out to her and offered to send her a sample of the THRIVE Experience.

“I thought, ‘Why not, I’ve got nothing to lose,’” she says.

Just a few minutes after taking the THRIVE Premium capsules, “my eyes felt wide open,” she says. Haggamaker didn’t nap at all that first day and immediately reached out to the Promoter to see how she could get more of the product.

The woman told her how she could THRIVE for free and earn commissions by sharing her story and building her own team.

Thinking that she’d only sign up as a Promoter to get the product for free, Haggamaker started sharing her THRIVE story on social media and found many people who wanted to THRIVE with her.

Then, her Promoter friend offered her a guest spot to go to a Le-Vel Lifestyle Getaway in Las Vegas.

“That’s when I caught the vision of what the THRIVE opportunity was all about,” Haggamaker says. At the Getaway, she participated in Le-Vel’s THRIVE and Drive event, where she test drove vehicles that could be earned as part of the Auto Bonus program.

“THRIVE has enabled me to be an active participant in my life.”

“I made the decision right then that I was going to be a Promoter for real,” she says.

Since that moment, Haggamaker says THRIVE has completely changed her life.

“I used to always tell my son, ‘Mommy’s tired,’” she says. Now, Haggamaker spends a great deal of her time with her son on their small farm, tending to their mini horses, chickens, rabbits, goats, ducks, cats and dogs. They fish together and Haggamaker has started a garden, “something I’d never had the energy to do before.”

In less than half a year as a Promoter, she achieved the 80K VIP rank. In 2019, she reached the 200K milestone. She’s gone up and down since then, but she has consistently worked her THRIVE business for the past five years to great success.

As great as some of the financial opportunities may be, Haggamaker says the best thing about being a THRIVE Promoter is the product itself. “THRIVE has enabled me to be an active participant in my life,” she says. “I’m finally living!”

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