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As a busy school principal and successful Promoter, Cassandra Neault builds community wherever she goes

It was New Year’s Eve 2019 when Cassandra Neault signed up to be a THRIVE Promoter. “As soon as I pressed that button, I was ready to run,” says Neault, an elementary school teacher at the time. Her husband, Danny, had been home caring for their three children in the nine months following the birth of their son, Tennessee.

After Neault learned about the opportunity to promote the THRIVE Experience from a friend, she hoped that taking on the side gig might help the couple and allow Danny to fulfill his dream of becoming a permanent stay-at-home dad.

So, she ordered a Promoter Pack and made a social media post about THRIVE, promising to share her journey with people as it unfolded.

“When I set my mind to something, I’m all business, no excuses!” she says. Before the clock struck midnight that night, she’d already signed up a friend as a Promoter. A few days later, when Neault returned to school, she says she was “a different person.” She normally went through the drive-thru of her local coffee shop to order a giant, sugar-laden cup of coffee, but after THRIVING for only one week, she realized she had no interest in drinking it.

“Every day of this journey has been about me establishing community with fellow THRIVERS.”

“My students noticed, at the end of the day, that my coffee was leaking through the cup all over the desk. I hadn’t even had a sip,” she says. When Neault returned home that day, instead of lying down in the playroom and letting her son crawl around her, “I was running around, playing with the kids and making dinner,” she says. Feeling first-hand the power of THRIVE’s three simple steps, Neault studied the Le-Vel compensation plan and vowed to earn her VIP800 and VIP1600 bonuses. By Day 17, she’d hit the 4K VIP rank, held a vision board party and a THRIVE Lifestyle Mix tasting for her friends and potential future THRIVERS. On Day 58, she achieved her Auto Bonus. Then, on Day 142, she hit her 40K rank and achieved the Auto Elite Bonus. Less than six months after becoming a Promoter, she reached the 80K rank.

Neault ran her THRIVE business just like she ran her classroom. “Every day of this journey has been about me establishing community with fellow THRIVERS,” she says. For her, that means throwing Halloween parties with THRIVE Promoters and their kids, hosting retreats, and planning get-togethers with members of her team and their spouses. “I’ve learned that when you’re involved in any kind of group, if you can get everyone to motivate each other and support one another, you’re going to win,” she says.

As Neault’s THRIVE business grew, so did her career in education. Last September, she took on the role of principal at her school, and she now runs her team of teachers and support staff just like she runs her THRIVE business. As principal of her school, she has established the theme, “Being a community, together.” Neault is able to juggle her new job and her THRIVE business with energy and enthusiasm while her husband continues to stay at home with the couple’s kids.

Neault has also qualified for every Lifestyle Getaway since becoming a Promoter and says earning those getaways — and experiencing the “sense of camaraderie” they provide — drives her to do better every day.

“I’ve always wanted to be successful, but now, I want everyone on my team to be just as successful as I am,” she says. “That’s what drives me most.”

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