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After being in a low-energy rut, Kathy England tried the THRIVE Experience and regained her ‘get-up-and-go’ attitude, while building her THRIVE business along the way

Kathy England has always led an active life. As a mom, a teacher to kids with disabilities and a sports coach for the past 20 years, she’s always been on the go.

But just over two years ago, after recovering from knee surgery, England suddenly felt like she was in a funk. “Life had just gotten away from me,” says England, who had gained a significant amount of weight and didn’t have her usual “get-up-and-go” attitude. “Instead of coming home and running out to a sports field or taking my kids somewhere, all I really wanted to do was sleep.”

She connected with a Le-Vel Promoter, Kelsey Mason, who introduced her to THRIVE. After a week or so of trying the THRIVE Experience, England felt a spark of energy she’d been missing. She had fewer general body aches and discomforts and was eager to be back on the sidelines of sporting events after school instead of collapsing in bed. All that newfound energy inspired a weight-loss journey that would eventually result in her shedding 50 pounds.

“It was pretty amazing,” she says. “I went from thinking, ‘My life isn’t quite working anymore’ to
‘I feel great!’”

Although she’d never sold anything before, England signed up to be a Promoter so that she could help others benefit from the THRIVE Experience. And before long, she was sharing her story with everyone in her Kentucky town.

“I live in a small community and have always lived my life in front of everybody here as a teacher and a coach,” she says. “People started to see me zipping up and down the sidelines and asking, ‘What the heck are you doing? Why do you have all this energy now?’”

England found herself working her side gig throughout her day. “There isn’t a time that I’m not THRIVING just because I do it naturally,” she says. “My whole family teases me because everywhere we go, people are asking me questions about the products.”

“If people see you THRIVING out there in the world, they’re going to want to THRIVE with you.”

She started posting about the THRIVE Experience on social media, and her followers took notice. “I’ve always been a person who shares everything, both highs and lows,” she says. “My posts have never been all sunshine and rainbows.”

But because people knew England as being authentic, they trusted her when she posted about how THRIVE has benefitted her, both physically and financially.

Soon, everybody in her school was THRIVING, along with most of her neighbors and friends, and last fall, England achieved her 40K VIP rank.

Due to her background in education and coaching, England likes to connect with Promoters by hosting weekly “dine with the coach” events each week, where the group meets for dinner and holds each other accountable for achieving their goals. Last year, she helped organize a “Kentucky Invasion” camping trip on a nearby lake, where more than 50 THRIVERS throughout the state who work in the school system got together to share stories and motivate one another.

England says hosting these kinds of face-to-face events is a critical part of her business. “Social media is great, but you also have to get out and talk to people and lead by example.

“If people see you THRIVING out there in the world, they’re going to want to THRIVE with you.”

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