Katie Muntz
Living the Premium Lifestyle

Proof positive

Think you need a college degree or a sales background to become a successful Promoter? Katie Muntz had neither — and was determined to take her THRIVE business to the top

In late 2017, Katie Muntz was in a bad spot. She’d just had her second baby and says she was “emotionally and physically drained.” To make matters worse, she and her husband were struggling financially.

So, when an acquaintance on social media who’d recently become a THRIVE Promoter began posting photos about how happy she’d become after trying the THRIVE Experience, Muntz de-friended the woman. “I know it sounds petty, but I just couldn’t stand to see someone else so happy when I wasn’t,” Muntz says.

But she couldn’t stop thinking about the woman and wondering if THRIVE might help her, too. One day, she reached out to the Promoter. “I apologized for deleting her and asked her about the THRIVE Experience,” she says. “I guess I was desperate.”

The Promoter was very gracious and sent Muntz a three-day sample of the THRIVE Experience. “On the second day, I was literally up off the couch, singing and dancing with my new baby,” she says. She felt more focused, and her usual up-and-down moods seemed to even out. In addition, her friends began noticing that she was starting to do her hair and makeup again before leaving the house. “They were telling me, ‘Hey, you must be feeling like yourself again. You’re glowing.’

“At that point, I felt like it would have been selfish not to share the THRIVE Experience with others,” Muntz says. She clicked the Promoter button in the middle of the night and got started.
Even though she’d never sold anything in her life, Muntz says she didn’t let that stop her. “I didn’t spend a lot of time researching the products’ ingredients or creating business plans or anything like that,” she says. “I didn’t even know how to do those things.”

“I’m proof positive that you can have more out of your life if you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone and do something different.”

Instead, Muntz followed the tactic that a member of her upline suggested: “GPOT [Get People on THRIVE] and the rest would come.”

So, Muntz focused on getting THRIVE samples into as many people’s hands as possible. Then, she showed them how to THRIVE for free by signing up two customers on Autoship. “It’s all a big blur now, but I just ran all day long, getting THRIVE into people’s hands and helping customers enroll with free accounts. My business blew up!”

She hit her 4K VIP rank in just five days, but she didn’t stop there: She achieved her 80K rank in her third month as a Promoter, and hit the 200K rank milestone seven months in, around the time she gave birth to her third child.

“Back then, we didn’t have mail-out credits, so I was creating my own sample packs, and people at the post office began to know who I was, because I was shipping out samples so often,” she says. “They said, ‘Oh, you’re the lady with the jumper cables,’” referring to the fact that she positioned the THRIVE Experience as a way to give your body a “jumpstart.”

Her next goal is to achieve the Le-Vel Millionaire Award, and she manifests that every morning as she recites her affirmations.

During those quiet times, Muntz says she often reflects on her life 10 years ago. “I was a teen mom who was set up to live off the system like my mom and grandma did, but I wanted more than that for my life,” she says.

Now, she marvels at how someone with her background could be so successful. “All Promoters come from different backgrounds — there are teachers, nurses, people from wealthy families — and then there’s me,” she says. “I’m proof positive that you can have more out of your life if you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone and do something different.”

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