Living the Premium Lifestyle

The success shown in these profiles is not typical of the success, if any, a Le-Vel Brand Promoter can or will have. There are no financial guarantees.

Cheyenne Wilson
Living the Premium Lifestyle

Sowing the seeds

Ever since cattle rancher Cheyenne Wilson discovered the benefits of the THRIVE Experience, she’s been sharing it with the farming community and others In the summer of 2014, Cheyenne Wilson found herself scrolling Facebook when she stumbled upon a post by a woman she’d grown up with in a tiny […]

Sabrina Hinkle
Living the Premium Lifestyle

Loud & proud

Promoter Sabrina Hinkle hid her THRIVE journey at first. Now, she shouts it from the rooftops Sabrina Hinkle knew she couldn’t survive on a steady diet of iced coffee and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups forever. But in early 2016, Hinkle — then a middle school teacher — didn’t know of […]

Kim Collins
Living the Premium Lifestyle

On her terms

Kim Collins was so busy jet-setting around the country that she didn’t even realize she was running on empty. Fortunately, a Promoter friend came to her rescue Ten years ago, Kim Collins was running on empty. At the time, she was “insanely busy,” overseeing 300 employees at a travel agency […]

Kathy England
Living the Premium Lifestyle

Back in action

After being in a low-energy rut, Kathy England tried the THRIVE Experience and regained her ‘get-up-and-go’ attitude, while building her THRIVE business along the way Kathy England has always led an active life. As a mom, a teacher to kids with disabilities and a sports coach for the past 20 […]

Promoter Lori Ford
Living the Premium Lifestyle

Seeing the light

Sick and tired of grueling sales jobs, Lori Ford became a THRIVE Promoter and is now living life on her terms For many years, Lori Ford was used to hustling so hard that she barely saw the light of day. Years ago, when she worked in the mortgage industry, she […]

Promoter Lacey Wells
Living the Premium Lifestyle

Turnaround Time

Lacey Wells In January 2019, Lacey Wells and her husband were recovering addicts who were living in transitional housing with their three daughters. “It wasn’t very pretty,” Wells says of the family’s situation. After being clean and sober for more than two years, Wells and her family were living in […]