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Nature’s Bath

A natural hot spring is the perfect way to soothe your body and soul Sometimes, you just need to take a hot bath. But for some true soul- and body-soothing, why not bathe in a natural hot spring? Typically located in places where there is volcanic activity, hot springs can […]

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Clothing Backed by Science

Rather than donning a clunky black watch, try these high-tech apparel options Move over, smartwatches. From socks that can measure how far and how fast you run to yoga pants that gently correct your alignment to stylish apparel with health-tracking features, wearable technology is popping up in virtually every clothing […]

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Hair Repair

Got frizzy, limp or over-processed locks? There’s a mask for that! Summer’s far in the rearview mirror: Along with sun-drenched memories, many of us are left with slightly more damaged hair than when the season began. Blame the sunshine, the chlorine or the salt water, but the hotter months are […]

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Buying Local

“Do you own a juicer”? (and other questions to ask yourself before buying into a community farm co-op) Everyone wants to buy local these days, so the idea of buying farm-fresh food is quite popular. Who wants to eat food that’s traveled thousands of miles before it reaches your table? […]

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Just Breathe

For a stuffy nose – or simply to clear your mind – head to a meditative salt room They’ve become some of the most Instagrammable meditation spaces on the planet, but they’re more than just pretty pink rooms. Himalayan salt caves, which are cropping up at spas and other areas […]

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Cut the Cord

3 hot wireless headphone models to rock your world Wireless headphones have always been about convenience. They won’t get tangled when you take off your coat, or get yanked out of your ear when your seatmate bumps into you on the plane. You can listen to music while working out […]