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Serving Up Seaweed

Kelp has replaced kale as the superfood de rigeur. Here are 5 ways to enjoy it Kelp, also known as seaweed, doesn’t just decorate the ocean floor. This vegetable is a nutritional powerhouse with countless health benefits. A natural source of Vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D and E, as […]

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Touring on Two Wheels

Bikepacking is a new trend that combines exercise with an opportunity to explore unknown corners of the world Can’t decide whether to hop on your bike or head for the hills for a hike? There’s now a way to enjoy both: Bikepacking. Part backpacking and part cycling, bikepacking is fast […]

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Fresh Choices

Follow these 5 shopping hacks to score the best produce at the market Q. How can you tell if a grapefruit is ripe? A. Squeeze it. It should be springy to the touch and regain its shape once you give it a little squeeze. And heavier is better, as heavier […]

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Handpicked from the Hive

These artisan honeys are packed with unexpected, delicate flavors There’s plenty of buzz about artisan honey these days: Typically cultivated by local beekeepers, single-source honey from local bees is dramatically different from the type in the plastic bear that you grab at the grocery store. These sweet (and sometimes spicy!) […]

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No Gym Required

These apps make it easier than ever to squeeze exercise into your day (and in some cases, work out with a celebrity) Here are 5 trendy choices to match your fitness goals – and your personality. Who needs a fancy gym or a personal trainer when you’ve got a smartphone? […]

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Rest Up

Surprising ways to get better sleep at night If you’re still not logging in the recommended seven hours of Z’s per night (and most Americans aren’t, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), here are two unexpected tactics to try: Go Camping A study from the University of […]