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Yes, Affirmations Really Do Work

Flip negative self-talk on its head Lots of us live with a nagging voice in our head that whispers mean little nothings: You’ll never finish that 5K race. You can’t launch your own business. You’ll never go on your dream vacation to Hawaii. Your brain believes what you tell it, […]

Feeling Great

Sleep Better Tonight

Try these bedtime rituals with your spouse, your kids and your pet Before you drift into dreamland, try these easy and fun bedtime rituals involving the whole family (pets, too!), so everyone gets a better night’s sleep. For kids Get ready to let loose. It’s time to jump on the […]

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Take Ten: Fast Fitness

We’ve got two quick workouts to give you fantastic bursts of energy throughout the day Blast Fat and Get Lean “The best 10-minute fat-blasting workout is a high-intensity interval, CrossFit-style workout,” says Angelo Gala, co-owner EDX CrossFit in Colorado. How to Do It Set your timer for 10 minutes and […]

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Are Partner Workouts for You?

How to find the perfect fitness buddy Ever get tired of hitting the trails or the weights alone? Partner workouts – where you buddy up with another person to get fit – might be the perfect way to supercharge your workouts and stay motivated. “You’re less likely to give up […]

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Ready to Shred

Target your snowboarding muscles with these three exercises Jump squats These are a key way to increase your leg strength for snowboarding – along with being able to clear that big jump you’ve been eyeing. How to do it: “Start by doing a regular squat and then engage your core and […]

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Just Beachy: Cabo San Lucas

The Best Sandy Spots to Visit in Cabo San Lucas There’s a reason why A-list celebrities frequent Cabo San Lucas. (This is the spot where Maroon 5’s Adam Levine wed Victoria’s Secret model Brihati Prinsloo in 2016.) A quick trip from most cities in the United States, Cabo, which is […]